Enpal builds coalition for solar industry in Europe

  • Plan for pan-European consortium for domestic solar module production
  • Advanced talks with leading global manufacturers
  • Sustainable support for the German solar industry to be reorganised

Berlin, 28 February 2024 – Enpal, Germany's leading system integrator of renewable energy solutions, is planning a pan-European consortium for the domestic production of solar modules.

Over the past twelve months, Enpal has already held intensive discussions with the world's leading manufacturers, who have signalled their willingness to invest in joint module production. For this purpose, Enpal is examining sites in Germany and Europe.

At the same time, Enpal has been talking to major customers from all over Europe for several months in order to secure a sufficient purchase volume of locally produced modules through a consortium.

"Together with other companies, we are forging a broad alliance for the energy transition in Europe," says Mario Kohle, founder and CEO of Enpal. "Enpal wants to solve the chicken-and-egg problem and bring globally competitive manufacturers together with suppliers and politicians to build a strong solar industry in Europe."

Enpal continues to advocate targeted support for the domestic solar industry similar to the EU Chips Act, particularly in the form of direct investment and operating cost subsidies (Capex/Opex) following the example of Intel in Magdeburg and Northvolt in Heide. Recently, Spain announced new subsidies for the production of renewable energy systems. The current call for expressions of interest to strengthen the solar industry in Germany needs to be quickly reassessed in the light of the current situation.

The possible introduction of the so-called resilience bonus in its currently discussed, rather controversial form would once again challenge the plans, as it would discriminate against new investments. "The resilience bonus is actually a resilience brake," says Mario Kohle. "Political blackmail attempts won't get us anywhere. We must now stand up together for a strong, renewable Europe."

Enpal will be announcing further details of the plans in the coming months.


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Enpal, the Greentech unicorn in Germany, offers an integrated total solution for renewable energy, pioneering the energy transition. Profitable since 2022, the company holds a leading market position for residential solar systems in Germany, selling several thousand new energy systems every month. The solar system is part of the integrated energy ecosystem consisting of an energy storage system, charging station, heat pump and the Enpal energy manager, which is an intelligent combination of hardware and software. Founded in 2017, Enpal is digitizing and revolutionizing the purchase of green energy for a fossil-free home with its rental model and flexible, no-down-payment purchase option. More than 60,000 Enpal-equipped households already make up our climate-friendly renewable energy community. Enpal's investors include some of the world's largest impact and technology investors such as TPG Rise Climate, Softbank Vision Fund II, Princeville Climate Technologies, HV Capital, Activate Capital and The Westly Group.

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